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A Day in the Life of our Dedicated Caseworkers

Each day our Caseworkers support and empower women to secure a safer future for themselves and their children.

October 18, 2023

Ever wonder what a day in the life of our caseworkers looks like? Let us give you a glimpse into their bustling routine.

Each day our Caseworkers support and empower women to secure a safer future for themselves and their children. The Caseworker is responsible for providing individualised case management to clients who have experienced domestic and family violence in accordance with the principles of trauma informed, flexible and client centred care.

Our Caseworkers also join forces with a highly skilled team, which includes our Women’s Domestic Violence Court Assistance Service (WDVCAS), Domestic Family Violence (DFV) specialists, hearing support team, and the Safety Action Meeting (SAM) Coordinators, not to mention our unwavering partners, the NSW police and other invaluable support services. It’s a collaborative effort that ensures each client’s unique needs are met with compassion and care.

The Casework service prioritises clients identified as being on “serious threat”. Therefore, most mornings begin with checking emails/messages from clients primarily for risk assessment and safety planning purposes. This routine sets the tone for the day, as Caseworkers coordinate responses, arrange referrals, and prep for crucial SAM meetings. This is followed by responding to emails from clients and other stakeholders for referrals, case coordination and follow-up tasks. Caseworkers often liaise with the SAM Coordinators in prepping for SAM meetings if a client assigned to them is listed on an upcoming SAM.

Most days, Caseworkers meticulously help clients apply for vital support programs. Whether it’s the Victims Support Scheme, the Escaping Violence Payment Program, or the Red Cross’s FDV Financial Assistance program, Caseworkers are always working to connect clients with the resources they need.

As the day progresses, Caseworkers wear many hats. From in-depth face-to-face chats with clients to numerous phone calls, they navigate complex needs, set achievable goals, and offer unexpected counselling moments. These connections aren’t just business – they’re deeply personal and impactful.

Additionally, Caseworkers are often engaged in securing crisis accommodation for clients ensuring no client faces the threat of homelessness. After addressing immediate safety and shelter, the focus shifts to more long-term needs – be it legal matters, family support, job opportunities, or immigration guidance.

In essence, our caseworkers adapt and respond with grace and dedication. Every day brings its own set of challenges, but their commitment never wavers.

Article content kindly provided by Pooja K.

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands, skies and waterways in which we live and work, the Gadigal, Cabrogal, Darug and Eora people. We pay our respects to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients, partners and community leaders.

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